Treating Addictions Naturally!

Indian pipes

In this DVD, Brigitte Mars talks about a natural approach to treating addictions. She covers overeating, caffeine, tobacco, stimulants and opiates. Treatments include nutrition advice, breathing exercises, aromatherapy and herbs such as yerba mate, cinnamon, rhodiola, kudzu, ginseng lemon balm, tulsi, angelica and Indian pipe.

Here's a clip of Brigitte Mars introducing her DVD:

Time: 1 hr

Price: $20.00

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Get 3 Brigitte Mars DVDs for only $50.00

Get these three Brigitte Mars DVDs for only $50.00 (Regular price $20.00 each):
"Sacred Psychoactives"
"Treating Addictions Naturally!"
"Emotional Health"

Each DVD is loaded with the herbal, nutritional, and lifestyle wisdom of Brigitte Mars. Learn how to deal with emotional, psychological and addiction issues through the safe use of herbs, aromatherapy, nutrition and lifestyle changes.


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