Emotional Health

In this DVD, Brigitte teaches about the many options you have for dealing with your emotional health. She presents herbal, Bach flower, essential oil, dietary and activity approaches for restoring your emotional balance. She discusses alternative treatment for anger, depression, grief, worry and fear. Learn how to treat your blues with a green approach!

Time: 1 hr 34min

This DVD is available for $20.

Review this clip from the DVD. In it Brigitte discusses dealing with anger:

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Brigitte Mars

Brigitte Mars is an herbalist, author and university professor from Boulder, Colorado. She has been working with Natural Medicine for over 40 years. She teaches through private workshops and seminars, and also at Naropa University, Boulder College of Massage, Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Omega Institute. Brigitte has a weekly Boulder radio show called “Naturally,” teaches raw food classes, leads herb walks, and is a professional member of The American Herbalist Guild.


"Holistic medicine addresses itself to the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of those who come to care. It views health as a positive state, not as an absence of disease. It emphasises the uniqueness of the individual and the importance of tailoring treatment to meet each person's needs. The promotion of health and the prevention of disease is a priority, whilst emphasis is placed on the responsibility of each individual for his or her own health. The therapeutic approaches employed are aimed at mobilising the person's innate capacity for self-healing."

David Hoffmann from "The New Holistic Herbal"

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Get 3 Brigitte Mars DVDs for only $50.00

Get these three Brigitte Mars DVDs for only $50.00 (Regular price $20.00 each):
"Sacred Psychoactives"
"Treating Addictions Naturally!"
"Emotional Health"

Each DVD is loaded with the herbal, nutritional, and lifestyle wisdom of Brigitte Mars. Learn how to deal with emotional, psychological and addiction issues through the safe use of herbs, aromatherapy, nutrition and lifestyle changes.


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