PCOS and Insulin Resistance
with Robin DiPasquale

Dr. Robin DiPasquale ND, RH(AHG) is a naturopathic physician, homeopath and herbalist. The former chair of botanical medicine at Bastyr University, Robin's love of teaching continues through her classes at Bastyr University, University of Washington School of Nursing, her gemmotherapy webinar, and with her classes in Italy, the newest one The Study of Alchemy and Spagyric Medicine. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin and practices at Red Lotus Healing Arts and the University of Wisconsin Integrative Medicine Clinic. The plants and patients continue to be her teachers.


Dr. Robin DiPasquale discusses the etiology and treatment of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and it’s relationship to insulin resistance, dysregulation of glucose metabolism and glucose intolerance. She presents case studies to illustrate the symptomology and treatment of 3 very different women. She includes information about symptoms associated with PCOS, diagnostic criteria, and an exploration of treatment options.

In this clip from the DVD, Robin begins to describe the symptoms of PCOS. Listen in:

Time: 1hr 29min

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