Seasonal Herb Walks
with David LaLuzerne

Take a series of seasonal herb walks with herbal pharmacist David LaLuzerne, one in spring, one in summer and one in the fall. Before you get into wildcrafting, you must learn how to identify the herbs in your area. This DVD will help you to do this by identifying what various herbs look like at differnt times of the year. Each walk is in a different area in Madison, Wisconsin. This DVD is an excellent resource for plant identification.

Herbs identified in this DVD include agrimony, burdock, blue vervain, catnip, crampbark, dandelion, echinacea, greenbrier, motherwort, mullein, plantain, rose, Solomon's seal, spearmint, wild yam, yarrow and many more.

Join David in this clip as he talks about burdock with herbalist Jessie Conaway:

Time: 1 hr 27 min

Cost: $20

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