A Western Materia Medica
presented by Nicholas Schnell

In this two disc DVD, Nicholas Schnell provides an introduction to action categories for understanding western herbs. Categories covered are warming and cooling diaphoretics, laxatives, clearing heat, bitters, diuretics (demulcent, true and antiseptic), antirheumatics, stimulants, carminatives, hemostatics, emmenagogues, nervines, lymphatics and hepatics. Some of the herbs covered include self heal, quassia wood, white willow bark, rattlesnake master, guiacum bark, meadowsweet, prickly ash, fennel, black horehound, agrimony, blue vervain, compass plant and more

Part 1: 1hr 42min
Part 2: 1hr 41min

Cost: $35.00

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This is Nicholas Schnell

Nicholas “Spirit Bear” Schnell is a registered dietitian, clinical herbalist and professional member of the American Herbalists Guild. He is the founder, director and clinical herbalist at the Four Winds Natural Healing Center in Omaha, Nebraska. Spirit Bear teaches at Four Winds Center for Herbal Studies, Ancient Wisdom College of Healing Arts, and Universal College of Healing Arts.

Rattlesnake master

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