How can I learn more about
herbal medicine?

Hello,I’m Dave LaLuzerne and I want to help you learn more about herbal medicine. Pharmacists have always been trusted as a community resource for medical information, especially about drugs. As a “reformed” pharmacist, working in my herb and vitamin shop, I became a resource in my community for information about using herbs safely and effectively – an herbal pharmacist if you will. But I wanted to do more than just educate my customers. When I “discovered” community access television, I knew that I had found my forum – herb videos on HerbTV were born.

Interestingly, my last name is French for alfalfa. So it seems my interest in herbs for medicine was inborn. I also grew up on Kinnikinnick Ave in Milwaukee. Kinnikinnick is what the Native Americans called their herbal smoking mixtures. My herbal instincts were further fueled while in pharmacy school. My class was the last to have pharmacognosy as required course work. My herbalism continued to be nurtured while working in a pharmacy collective in Madison, Wisconsin. I began to incorporate herbs into the usual pharmacy mix of OTC drugs.

As my herbal knowledge increased, I began looking for ways to teach others about the benefits of using herbal medicine instead of always relying on prescription or OTC drugs. I knew that herbs were a better recourse for chronic conditions and I wanted to spread the word. So I began teaching classes in the Madison area for consumers as well as for medical professionals. When I became involved in video production through our local cable access channel, I knew I had found a new venue to educate more people about herbs – herb videos on cable and online TV.

Here's one of my latest videos from HerbTV. In this video jim mcdonald explains the healing qualities of marshmallow:

And in this video, several herbalists talk about violets:

So start exploring the world of herbal education on video. You’ll find access to half hour programming on numerous herbal topics as well as 5-14 minute tutorials on specific topics.

Herbs can be part of your “green revolution.”

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