Hands On Herbal Medicine
With Susun Weed

In the first DVD, Susun Weed leads her students on a walk around her land at the Wise Woman Center. She teaches about plant and animal cells, nourishing herbal infusions, digestive fire and grounding. Herbs discussed include mitchella (partridgeberry), hemlock, sheep sorrel, white pine, nettles and the mushroom turkey tail.

In the second DVD, Susun teaches about preparing herbal medicines. The five menstruums she uses are honey, water, vodka, oil, and vinegar. Each one is explained and demonstrated. Herbs discused in this DVD include catnip, ginkgo, shiso, nettle, and wormwood.

Listen in while Susun talks about nourishing herbal infusions in this clip from the DVDs:

Time: Part 1 - 1hr 22min Part 2 - 1hr 28min

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"Healing Wise nourishes. Healing Wise springs from love. Healing Wise flows through compassion. Healing Wise is as natural as birth, as certain as death. Healing Wise is the joy of the individual and the strength of the community.

If you think the only health care options are the established, scientific way, and alternative methods, it is because the third - an intuitive, individualized way, the unique Wise Woman way - is invisible.

Healing Wise is done with the eyes. Healing Wise is done by hand. Healing Wise is charged with meaning. Healing Wise is in tune with the seasons. Healing Wise is wholing and holy. Healing Wise is letting go. Healing Wise is timing."

Susun Weed from "Wise Woman Herbal: Healing Wise"

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