An Herb Walk in Alabama
with Matthew Wood and Phyllis Light

Take an herb walk in and around Arab, Alabama, home of Southern Herbalist Phyllis Light. Arab is located in northern Alabama at one end of the Appalachian Mountains. She is joined by her good friend and Northern Herbalist Matthew Wood.

Herbs Covered: Blackberry, Briers (Sarsaparilla), Cleavers, Daisy Fleabane, Dogwood, Fringetree, Honeysuckle, Hydrangea, Poke, Prickly ash, Sassafras, Solomon’s seal, Sowthistle, Tulip poplar, Wild cherry, Wild yam, and Yellowroot.

Listen in while Phyllis and Matt discuss the herb poke:

Time: 1hr 46min

Cost: $20

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"By magically changing our lives, our green friends restore physical health, psychological happiness, and spiritual purpose. A little miracle occurs and the magical level clicks in, in fact, whenever an herb cures in a real and radical way. This is a sign that something great and new has come in from a different world to enrich and develop our lives to their fullest and most beautiful potential"

Matthew Wood from "The Earthwise Herbal"

Preview "The Southern Herbal Tradition" with Phyllis and Matt

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