Into the Woods: Wildcrafting and Wilderness Experience

Jessie Conaway, herbalist and experiential educator, takes you into the woods and out into her backyard to teach about wildcrafting and preparation and use of herbal remedies. Topics covered include trip planning, wildcrafting tips, herbal traditions, backyard wildcrafting and herb preparation.

Herbs discussed are agrimony, balsam fir, blueberry, burdock, chaga, elder, goldthread, hazelnut, horsetail, mullein, partridgeberry, sarsaparilla, usnea, white oak, white pine, wintergreen and yarrow

In this clip from the DVD Jessie introduces the concept of wildcrafting. Listen in:

Time: 1hr 44min

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Jessie demonstrates how to make tinctures, vinegars and oils with the freshly wild-harvested herbs from around her land.

"Though herbology is generally recognized and honored as our oldest system of healing, much of the art of herbalism is at risk today. It suffers from lack of understanding, bureaucratic tangles, economic pressure, environmental destruction, and loss of connection with the earth. Our future healers are pulled away from their calling by television, concrete, and the carefully supervised, filled-to-the-minute schedules that today's children live by. We must take our children to the wild, introduce them to plants, and teach them of their connection to the earth. In instilling in our children a respect for plant medicine, we not only care for their tender bodies but help pass along the seeds of a tradition that is as old as human life itself. We teach them to respect and care for the planet, for you cannot have a relationship with the plants without entering fully into a relationship with Gaia, the living earth."

Rosemary Gladstar from "Rosemary Gladstar's Family Herbal"

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