Introduction to Herbalism
with Matthew Wood

Matthew Wood discusses the herbal traditions of the world and in particular the American Indians and how they inform our herbalism to this day. He teaches about the treatment of wounds, fevers, flu, and acute diseases calling upon his vast knowledge of our herbal ancestors and the plants they used.

Matthew takes you out into the fields to see the herbs in their natural habitat and explain the wisdom of nature in giving the plants to us.

Herbs covered include bergamot, boneset, elder, elecampane, goldenrod, lobelia, mullein, peach leaf, peppermint, plantain, rose, sumac, white pine, wild cherry, and yarrow.

Time: 1hr 48min

Cost: $20

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Listen in while Matt discusses one of his favorite herbs sumac.

"When you do not know the nature of a malady,

leave it to nature; do not strive to hasten matters.

For either nature will bring about the cure or

it will itself reveal clearly what the malady really is."

AVICENNA The Canon of Medicine

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