The Practice of Ayurveda
with Candis Cantin

Ayurveda is the ancient healing tradition of India. Literally translated it means, "wisdom of life" and was a part of the ancient Vedic culture and texts. Ayurveda is thought to have been in practice for many centuries, and includes herbal medicine, dietetics, body work, meditation, yoga, surgery, psychology and spirituality.

Currently, Ayurveda is going through a new stage of development as it re-adapts to the modern world and its unique conditions. This adaptation may take some work to accomplish due to the fast pace of the world and the various changing situations we confront. We cannot take the ancient text and try to apply it verbatim because our current existence as human beings is unprecedented.

However, certain parts of the philosophy are perennial or timeless. These are the parts that we can use and find to be very helpful. I feel that it is important that we do not try to "standardize" Ayurveda and say that there is only one way to teach it or to apply it in our lives. We feel that we must see over time which aspects are true for us in the West and which are no longer applicable. Our emphasis in teaching Ayurveda is to find a way in which we can live more integrated lives. Many of us find ourselves out of touch with our bodies, senses and the environment. The idea of "getting back to Nature " means to find out what our own nature is and what foods, work, environment, colors, and aromas will bring greater harmony and health to us.

In this DVD, herbalist Candis Cantin discusses the practice of Ayurveda including the three doshas (vata, pita, kapha), the 7 body tissues and the basic holistic philosophy of this practice of herbalism.

This two disc set also includes a visit to Candis' herb garden in the Sierra foothills of northern California.

Herbs discussed include linden, hawthorn, vitex, mugwort, rosemary, Solomon's seal, ceanothus, white comfrey, lavender, and nigella.

Vitex agnus-castus

In this clip from the DVDs, Candis talks about the Ayurvedic dosha called "pita". Let's listen in:

Time: 3hr 13min

Cost: $35

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