Chronic Problems
with Susun Weed

Susun Weed teaches at the Wise Woman Center. She teaches her students about many of the chronic problems that are encountered throughout a life, from childhood to old age. In this two disc set, Susun discusses states of mind, stress, allergies, inflammation, heart health, healthy skin, insomnia, and intestinal health (including dietary recommendations). She also talks about Life Force and Soul Force.

Susun talks about many of her favorite herbs to use as natural medicine to treat these chronic problems.
Herbs discussed include hawthorn, motherwort, St. Joan’s wort, comfrey, white oak, skullcap and nettle.

Time: Part 1 – 1hr 44min
Part 2 – 1hr 44min

Cost: $35

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Listen in while Susun talks about difficult skin problems and the use of comfrey to strengthen the skin:

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