An Herbwalk in Michigan
With jim mcdonald

This is what jim mcdonald has to say about himself: "My education in herbcraft has been, above all things, experiential. Unable to readily find a teacher (this was in the dark ages before you could look online for people teaching near you), I was left to my senses and intuition. While plenty of time was spent in libraries and bookstores devouring what information I could find, more still was spent wandering through the forests and fields around my various homes in southeast Michigan, learning one by one the plants I shared this land with, and the communities that together they created. This, by far, was (and still is) the most valuable study I've ever engaged in. Being with the plants creates relationships with them, relationships that change entirely one's understanding of their medicinal uses. I place utmost importance in ethical wildcrafting to ensure that the plants I use continue to thrive in their natural habitats, and in creating unique, personalized formulas for the people I work with."

In these DVDs, jim mcdonald will lead you on an herb walk through a forested park and his own yard near Detroit, Michigan. He’ll show you many herbs and tell you how to use them safely and effectively. Herbs covered include plantain, poison ivy, royal fern, wintergreen, sassafras, blueberry, partridgeberry, wild geranium, witch hazel, water hemlock, sarsaparilla, white meadowsweet, oxeye daisy, orange hawkweed, New England aster, avens, Solomon’s seal, false Solomon’s seal, calamus, boneset, yarrow, burdock, marshmallow and more.

Woodlands Part 1 .... 1hr 27min
Woodlands Part 2 .... 1hr 36min
In His Yard .... 1hr 9min

Here's a clip from jim's DVD. In it, he discusses the medicinal use of wild geranium, also known as cranesbill:

Cost for this 3 DVD set is $50.00

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