Western Phytotherapy
with Amanda McQuade Crawford

This DVD set features Amanda McQuade Crawford teaching about the principles of western phytotherapy - American herbalism. She has practiced and taught herbalism from England to California to New Zealand. She brings her vast experience and knowledge of the concepts of western phytotherapy into her class.

She discusses case histories, the limitations of actions of herbs, building formulas (from simples to formulas based on the equal-armed cross theory) and more.

Herbs discussed include ashwagandha, yarrow, violet, valerian, hops, skullcap, and passionflower.

In this clip from her DVDs, Amanda discusses the use of the herbs hops, skullcap and passionflower:

Time: 3hr 11min

Cost: $35

Complete copy of notes for this DVD are available by e-mail after purchase.

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This is Amanda McQuade Crawford

Amanda, member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (England), is a founding member of the American Herbalists Guild and a founder of the National College of Phytotherapy in New Mexico. She received her degree in plant medicines from England's College of Phytotherapy and has studied and taught herbal therapy throughout the world. Her books include "Herbal Remedies for Women" and "The Natural Menopause Book" She lives in Los Angeles, California.


"In general, I prefer not to write down formulas for treating particular symptoms or diseases since we treat individuals, not labels or diagnoses. I have overcome my bias (in this lecture), since it seems reasonable to give identifiable guidelines and clear suggestions. If you are an herbalist, I encourage you to substitute your favorite local materia medica for the herbs I recommend in a formula, as your rapport with your remedies according to your own system of practice will best serve a real-live person, no matter the pattern of disease.

The information found in this DVD reflects my truth, my training, and my experience. It is offered as a stepping stone to each who would find her own truth. My our earth be well."

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